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I understand how to cultivate brands in ways that make them stand apart from the crowd and generate business. Using targeted visual strategies, I create a cohesive message that clearly communicates the benefits and makes prospects want to know more.



Graphic Design services that rival any major design firm without the major overhead.




Creating a company story is at the core of branding. Your brand reflects what your company does, owns, produces, values and aims to be. I can help you build the messaging and visual devices that make your brand recognizable and unique to your audience. Don't have a logo or style guide, I can help create one for you. Please ask for a quote.



An online presence for your business that stands out from the crowd is a no-brainer. I can create your website through Wix, or partner up with a web developer from my network to create a Wordpress site.


Need to reach out to your audience online? I can help you develop and send out targeted email promotions that will capture your audience.


New media channels, combined with the power of print can move you closer to achieving sales and branding goals. Print can drive your customers and prospects to your website where you can convert clicks into sales. We specialize in brochures, tearsheets, direct mailers, stationery, print ads, editorial, signage, trade show graphics, and banners.


In+Pixel functions as an extension of our agency and can count on them to deliver not only on time but with unique and dynamic creative. They get what we need right away which makes our jobs a lot easier!

Michele Dehaven / Principal /Creative Director

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